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What is the food your furry friend deserves?

Premium Quality

Human-quality meat and vegetables.


Gently cooked to create simple, tasty, and complete meals.


All created with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for dogs of every age

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Gourmet paws
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Dawn MunemoDawn Munemo
15:41 29 May 24
Palin IronthumbPalin Ironthumb
15:16 22 May 24
Great service, great food. Haven't had any problems. Would definitely recommend.
Tilana JellicoeTilana Jellicoe
08:01 30 Apr 24
I recently tried this food, and my dog thoroughly enjoyed it. I just placed my second order. I have a diabetic, finicky, elderly dog. The chicken and game choice is excellent. Low fat, low carbs, and rich in protein. Also, I spoke with the owner, who is prepared to modify the recipe to accommodate my dog and her diabetes (provided I purchase a significant quantity). Overall, the food is of outstanding quality, and the service is exceptional. I really recommend Gourmet Paws.
Saul MayersSaul Mayers
09:02 28 Jun 23
Great quality food. Service excellent. Dog loves it. Would recommend
matan danzigermatan danziger
08:56 27 Jun 23
Zak CarrZak Carr
08:23 17 Nov 22
Besides for the food, which my dog gobbled up. The experience of working with Jordan and Co was unmatched. Nothing better than that personal touch when it comes down to it. They treat my pup as family and he knows it. Highly recommend!
Helen KnightHelen Knight
13:31 12 Jul 22
Exceptional service, prompt delivery and very healthy.
saul mosssaul moss
09:26 30 Jun 22
My little doggy had been on a unhealthy diet for years, gourmet paws helped change that up, the diet they got her on helped immediately, I could see my doggies energy back and she was also healthier according to vets since starting the new diet, I highly recommend gourmet paws, as a customer I feel like they took the time to focus on my pup and ensure she had the best food! 10/10
Eidan EderiEidan Ederi
13:10 23 Mar 22
Gourmet Paws is an unbelievably innovative and exciting take on dog food. Their level of expertise and customer service is unparalleled. Couldn’t be happier with their offering. Keep it up
jordan roomerjordan roomer
10:18 23 Mar 22
Gourmet Paws has changed my dogs life, cookie loves her food so much and I have noticed that her skin condition seems to be getting much better. Highly recommend this amazing product!!
Shanna SulmanShanna Sulman
10:35 15 Mar 22
Gourmet Paws are an amazing and awesome dog food! I was struggling to find the right food for my 11 doggies at home until I came across Gourmet Paws! My doggies have never enjoyed eating time more! Great service & amazing guys working there!
Erez AbramoviciErez Abramovici
11:03 14 Mar 22
Great service and consistent food.
Jaden HirshJaden Hirsh
09:26 13 Jan 22
Gourmet Paws are the go to brand if you looking for happy dogs! Fantastic and prompt service, as well as superb product offerings! I recommend you give them a try and make your dog's day a great one👍
It Is Very Simple

How it works


Introduce your pooch. We’ll give you a few questions to fill out about your dog, according to their, size, weight, age, activity level, allergies, breed and taste preferences and we will create their balanced meal plan.


Your correctly portioned meals will be made and then vacuum sealed and frozen to lock in freshness and for your feeding convenience. We deliver them weekly for the full week ahead!


 Your plan, your Way ! If at any point you have to alter your dog’s information, change their meal size or easily pause on your deliveries, give us a bark and we are happy to help.

We Take Care Of You

How To Feed

Dish out

Portion the pouch into as many meals as you like, depending on how often your dog eats throughout the day.

Serve up

Take it slow at the start and transition properly. Feed a few spoonfuls a day mixed in with their current food increasing the amount daily until your furry best friend has completed their transition.

Chow down

We suggest keeping up to 3 pouches (sealed) in your fridge at a time and leaving the rest of the pouches in the freezer. Serve straight from the fridge or gently heat the food up. (Most fussy pooches prefer their meals warm).

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats

They’re not only packed with natural ingredients they boost your dogs nutrition and help with digestion, they also taste really good too.

About Us

We’re all in this together, including our pets

We make freshly prepared, people quality meals fit for your four-legged family members. We use a variety of high quality, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, essential oils and omega 3. This ensures that your dog’s nutritional needs are met from our high-quality ingredients.

This fresh and ethical take avoids the preservatives, nasties and poor quality ingredients that would usually come with processed dog food.

We will provide you with a few questions that will enable us to prepare a‘paw’sonalised meal plan for your dog.

This includes all the information we need to make a delicious, balanced nutritional meal tailored to your pups nutritional needs. There’s no greater impact you can have on your dog’s life than what you feed him or her.

Our product comes vacuum sealed and frozen to your doorstep, locking in the freshness of our delicious and wholesome meals.

It’s time to bring a loving option to this industry and feed our canine companions a diet that truly reflects how much we love them!

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    How To Feed Gourmet Paws?

    Portion the pouch into as many meals as you like, depending on how often your dog eats throughout the day. Take it slow at the start and transition properly (Up to 7 days). Feed a few spoonfuls a day, increasing the amount as you go, and mix in with their current food. We suggest keeping up to 3 pouches in your fridge at a time and leaving the rest of the pouches in the freezer. Serve straight from the fridge or gently heat the food up. (Most fussy pooches prefer their meals warm).

    How much to Feed?

    The following feeding suggestion applies to Gourmet Paws as a complete food, without adding any other foods to your furry friend's meal. Portions are based on average portion sizes, however, your furry friends might vary, depending on body type, metabolism, amount of exercise and age.