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By placing orders with us, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and all policies listed on this website. Gourmet Paws reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as the need arises. New terms and conditions replace and supersede previous terms and conditions and you will be bound by the terms and conditions in place at the time of the placement of your most recent order.


You agree that Gourmet Paws, it’s directors, owners and employees, will not be held liable by you for any damages, loss or liability arising from the use of its products or from the use or inability to use this website and the products and information referred to or contained on this website or any other material published or provided by Gourmet Paws. The information, ideas, and opinions expressed on this website should not be considered as professional advice. When in doubt or if concerned about your pet’s health, please consult a veterinary practitioner. Should a specific product have a warranty or guarantee, this contract will be between you the customer, and the manufacturer of the product, and not the customer and Gourmet Paws. Gourmet Paws will pass on the guarantees on our products; however, we cannot be held liable for the product not meeting your expectations.

You further agree that Gourmet Paws, it’s directors, owners and employees will not be liable for any damages, loss or liability arising from the use of or reliance on the product descriptions and information provided. While all reasonable care is taken in the preparation and publication of all information on this website, or other published material, Gourmet Paws cannot be held liable should it not match the product exactly or be found to be inaccurate. The use of any product purchased from us is at the purchaser’s risk. You, the purchaser / user, indemnify and hold Gourmet Paws, it’s directors, owners and employees, harmless against any loss, injury or damages which may be sustained by using any product sold or information provided to you by or via Gourmet Paws.


Placing an item in the online shopping basket without completing the purchase cycle does not constitute an order or an agreement of sale between the consumer and Gourmet Paws. Should an item not be available, Gourmet Paws reserves the right to remove the item from the shopping basket. The consumer will be notified of the removal of the product and all reasonable effort will be made to suggest alternative products. Gourmet Paws reserves the right to change content and remove or add products as the need arises. While all reasonable effort is made to keep only available products listed, we rely on our suppliers to provide us with up-to-date information on their product range. Should a product no longer be available from the suppliers, we will inform you of this and suggest an alternative product which will fulfil your needs and your pet’s needs. Should this product be more expensive than the desired product, and if you wish to purchase the new product, the consumer is required to pay in the additional amount should the alternative or substitute product be purchased.

Agreement of Sale

An agreement of sale between the consumer and Gourmet Paws comes into being when: – a credit card authorization is received from the issuing bank – a deposit via an electronic transfer is received by Gourmet Paws and reflects in Gourmet Paws bank account – A direct deposit is received by Gourmet Paws and reflects in Gourmet Paws bank account. Gourmet Paws reserves the right to refuse / not execute an order in part or in whole should circumstances arise. The consumer will be refunded any monies already paid. Gourmet Paws can only accept transactions conducted in South African Rands and can only deliver products to premises within the Republic of South Africa.

Return Policy

In the case of food products, products found to be unsuitable for use prior to the expiry date and where applicable, despite being stored correctly, may be returned. You must notify Gourmet

Paws in writing within 7 days of receiving the product and return the product to Gourmet Paws.

When returning any non-perishable product, please ensure that it is returned in its original condition and returned with the original packaging. The cost of returning the product to Gourmet Paws is for the consumer’s account, however, at our discretion, Gourmet Paws may offer to reimburse the return transportation costs. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis by Gourmet Paws.

Return Procedure:

  • Please contact us on info@gourmetpaws.co.za for our return address. The method that is

chosen for delivery back to us is entirely up to you.

  • Please allow 14 – 30 days for your return to be inspected and for us to create your credit

voucher. In some cases, a handling fee of up to 15% will be levied against the order value.

Gourmet Paws website is hosted, controlled, and operated in South Africa and is thus governed by

South African laws. Gourmet Paws will take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of all customers to the website. 

Personal information is defined under the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA) which is available at http://www.polity.org.za/html/govdocs/legislation/2000/act2.pdf.

Contact Information

Name: Gourmet Paws Online Shop;

Phone: 0798097588

Website: www.gourmetpaws.co.za

Email: info@gourmetpaws.co.za


All trademarks marketed are acknowledged and are the property of their respective owners.


Please note that we have specifically received permission from various suppliers to use photographs and descriptions of their products. This permission does not extend to third parties taking images and information from our website. Further to this, photographs of products that Gourmet Paws has taken belong to Gourmet Paws and cannot be copied from our website without express permission.

Please note that copy written or sourced by Gourmet Paws is intellectual capital and belongs to Gourmet Paws. Terms and Conditions Apply.

©2021 GOURMET PAWS, All Rights Reserved.

Electronically collecting and storing personal information:

Gourmet Paws will electronically collect, store, and use the personal information of its customers.

When providing this information to Gourmet Paws, you are guaranteeing that this information is complete and accurate. This information is provided voluntarily by the user or collected via cookies.

Under no circumstances, unless required by law, will Gourmet Paws sell or hand over this information to unauthorized third parties. We may disclose personal information in response to a specific request by a law enforcement agency, subpoena, court order, or as required by law. The information obtained above will be used to: – Greet the customer when arriving at the website – Verify the identity of the consumer – Notify the customer of the status of their order and delivery thereof – Subject to the customers approval, notification of competitions and special offers will be emailed to the customer – Personal browsing habits, results of polls or surveys etc. may be used to enhance the user experience of the site. Only the necessary information, that is the contact name, delivery address and contact phone number will be made known to third parties delivering the product. The Provider undertakes that it has taken all reasonable precautions to secure the credit card processing that is carried out to receive payment for goods sold. The Provider cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on the User’s electronic device (PC, mobile device or other electronic device used to browse the Website), which may result due to the lack of adequate virus protection software or spyware that the User may inadvertently have installed on his / her device.

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    How To Feed Gourmet Paws?

    Portion the pouch into as many meals as you like, depending on how often your dog eats throughout the day. Take it slow at the start and transition properly (Up to 7 days). Feed a few spoonfuls a day, increasing the amount as you go, and mix in with their current food. We suggest keeping up to 3 pouches in your fridge at a time and leaving the rest of the pouches in the freezer. Serve straight from the fridge or gently heat the food up. (Most fussy pooches prefer their meals warm).

    How much to Feed?

    The following feeding suggestion applies to Gourmet Paws as a complete food, without adding any other foods to your furry friend's meal. Portions are based on average portion sizes, however, your furry friends might vary, depending on body type, metabolism, amount of exercise and age.