• These Terms and Conditions apply to the Refer-a-Friend campaign organized by Gourmet Paws.
  • By participating, you agree to these Terms.


  • The campaign is open to existing customers who refer a friend to become a customer.
  • The referred friend must be a new customer.

Referral Process

  • The existing customer must share their unique referral link with the referred friend.
  • The referred friend must use this link to sign up for the Company’s services.


  • The existing customer will receive a 20% discount on their next purchase, up to a maximum of R400 cash discount.
  • The referred friend will receive a 20% discount on their first purchase, up to a maximum of R400 cash discount.

Safety Measures

  • The Company reserves the right to investigate any suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  • The Company may disqualify any participant who violates these Terms or engages in fraudulent or inappropriate behavior.

Termination or Modification

  • The Company reserves the right to modify or terminate the campaign at any time.
  • The Company may modify these Terms at any time.

Limitation of Liability

  • The Company is not liable for damages or losses that may arise from participation in the campaign or the use of the referral link.
  • The Company is not responsible for technical issues or errors that may occur during the referral process.


  • These Terms are governed by the laws of South Africa.
  • Any disputes shall be resolved in the courts of South Africa.


  • By participating, you agree to the Company’s Privacy Policy.
  • The Company may use your personal information for the purposes of the campaign and to provide you with promotional offers.


  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
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    How To Feed Gourmet Paws?

    Portion the pouch into as many meals as you like, depending on how often your dog eats throughout the day. Take it slow at the start and transition properly (Up to 7 days). Feed a few spoonfuls a day, increasing the amount as you go, and mix in with their current food. We suggest keeping up to 3 pouches in your fridge at a time and leaving the rest of the pouches in the freezer. Serve straight from the fridge or gently heat the food up. (Most fussy pooches prefer their meals warm).

    How much to Feed?

    The following feeding suggestion applies to Gourmet Paws as a complete food, without adding any other foods to your furry friend's meal. Portions are based on average portion sizes, however, your furry friends might vary, depending on body type, metabolism, amount of exercise and age.